Our cell therapy, unlike stem cell therapies or grow factors, is based on the use of immune system cells, that act as a regulators of the regenerative process. Using our proprietary and patented M2R technology, we can increase the regenerative potential of the cells, promoting the expression of trophic factors that regulate the inflammation, as well as the proliferation and differentiation of the cell in the injury area.

The regenerative capacity of the M2R therapy has been validated in animal models

  • Reduces inflammation and fibrosis
  • Favors proliferation and differentiation of stem cell in the injury area
M2R Platform

Our cells are prepared from patients own blood, are isolated and treated to maximize their regenerative potential, through a process that does not imply any genetic manipulation, ex vivo expansion or the addition of growth factors. In less than 4 hours we are able to prepare a product ready to be administrated. The use of patient own cells reduces the risk of immunological rejection and the transmission of infectious pathogens.

M2R is a safe, rapid and economic therapy

  • Autologous and minimally invasive
  • From a simple blood extraction in 4 hours a product, ready to be administrated, can be prepared

M2R001 –Muscle and Tendon Therapy

M2RLAB has developed a first product M2R tendon that regenerates tendon and muscular tissue. This therapy is based on the use of leukocytes with an anti-inflammatory phenotype that promotes the regeneration of the injuries, promoting cell proliferation and differentiation of endogenous stem cells. M2R tendon has been tested in animal models, showing that can reduce fibrosis and inflammation, and promote the formation of new tissue. M2RLAB is currently finishing a clinical phase II study on the safety, tolerability and efficacy of   M2R tendon in patients suffering from tendon injuries.

Injury 4 days

Injury + M2R therapy 4 days

Injury 15 days

Injury + M2R therapy 15 days

M2R002 – AKF and CKF Therapy

M2RLAB is working on the preclinical development of an advanced therapy for the treatment of kidney injury. M2R kidney uses leukocytes modified through M2R technology. This project is being developed in collaboration with the institute of biomedical Investigations of Barcelona, and the first results are showing the potential of M2R therapy. It has been proven, in animal models of kidney failure, how the therapy is able to reduce inflammation and promote the recovery of kidney function.


mRNA expression levels represented relative to control (relative mRNA control). A significant decrease of inflammatory markers (IL-1β) and a significant increase in antiinflammatory markers ( IL-10) and regenerative markers (NGAL and PCNA) in cell therapy treated mice was observed

Representative images of immunofluorescence analysis of stathmin (proliferative marker)

M2RLAB is currently in an advanced phase of our preclinical work, studying the toxicity and biodistribution of the product in immunosuppressed animals. M2RLAB expects to complete this phase during 2021 in order to present the results and initiate a Phase I/II clinical trial.

M2R003 – ARDS Therapy

M2RLAB has initiated a study to prove the efficacy of M2R therapy in animal models of lung injury. If the results are positive, the most immediate objective will be to finish the preclinical work and to initiate a clinical trial in order to prove the security and efficacy of M2R therapy in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.